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Gradebook: Previous link to view individual student grades from "Grader Report" gone in 1.9



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      From the grader report there seems to be a change in behavior.

      In Moodle 1.8, when viewing the grades (/grade/index.php), clicking on the link of the user's name linked to:
      /grade/index.php?id=16&action=view_student_grades&user=826 (a grade report for the individual student)

      In Moodle 1.9, when viewing the grades via the grade report (/grade/report/grader/index.php?id=1819), clicking on the link of the user's name links to:
      /user/view.php?id=520&course=1819 (the user's profile)

      Previously links for both the user's name and the picture were available. The link for the user's pic would link to the user's profile. The link for the user's name would link to the grade report for the individual student. This seems to be a change in behavior.

      What I would expect to see is that the user's name link take us to the grades for the individual student (perhaps that user's gradebook "Users report"). I'm not sure of the best way to handle this with the new gradebook UI; however, I want to try to preserve the behavior. I found it very convenient to pull up the gradebook and be able to link to the individual grades of a particular student especially during parent teacher conferences as it prevented me from showing the parents information about other students.

      Peace - Anthony


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