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RSS feeds for all courses in site and all courses in categories



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      I have created a new feature that makes RSS feeds for all the courses on the site, and also feeds for each categories.

      I believe Jenny Gray of The Open University had asked you if we could commit this feature to core.

      There is a new setting in the RSS admin area that controls the amount of items within all these feeds, and also in each category settings you have to enable the RSS feeds.

      I have also changed it so that if you make a course visible or hidden it changes the timemodified stamp in the database as it uses this field to see if the feed needs updating.

      There is a couple of issues that I do not know how to solve these are:-

      a) I currently use the timemodified field in the course table to work out if the course has change so that I can move it to the top of the RSS field. Unfortunately this only seems to change when you change the course settings. Should I use another method to work out if the course has changed? i.e. loop through all the course modules and get the time stamp those modules where updated. This would also suffer from a similar problem because the time stamp of those modules gets changed when the module settings are changed and that shouldn't really be classed as an update.

      b) Any sites with a whole bunch of courses could suffer a performance hit as I get all the courses from the database and place them into an array for later use. This could be tided up but I did not have time to re-factor that code. Would someone be able to look at this in the future, it should not cause any issues to normal sized sites.

      Martin ( either one You both know Moodle well! ) could you please cast you eye over the patch attached. This is the first time I have ever committed to core and I would like an experts opinion on the code before I commit. I have created the RSS stuff as an object rather than a lose collection of functions as I believe that is the way you wanted to go with Moodle I hope this was the correct way

      Currently the code has only been tested on the PostgreSQL database as that's all we have here at the OU.

      There will also be another new feature I will be working on which is the searching and filtering system we have on openlearn.open.ac.uk/course and labspace.open.ac.uk/course which will also display links to the feeds. I haven't put in any links in the normal core code as I wasn't sure where they should reside.

      If you are happy with me committing this patch, wish me to change any of the code, or just have questions please contact me on j [dot] e [dot] c [dot] brisland [at] open [dot] ac [dot] uk


      James Brisland.




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