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Moodle 1.9 Beta 4 Upgrade


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      Upgraded from 1.9 Beta 1 to 1.9 Beta 4. Upgrade went smoothly.

      Upon completion of upgrade logged out. Logged in again as user, and then logout:

      One second login after upgrade:

      "A server error that affects your login session was detected. Please login again or restart your browser."

      Resolutions Attempted:

      Changed system to database sessions - Same Error
      Removed sessions directory - Same Error after a login
      Chowned ownership of <data directory> to apache, and permissions to 777 - Same Error
      Restarted browser - Tried on IE, Firefox, Opera - Same Error

      Roamed the forums, and found that this was an issue in 1.7, but none of their solutions worked. I have since rolled back to a backup, but have the broken instance at my disposal if you have any questions.

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