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wiki: error message too small (not noticeable) when upload file exceed file size limit (usability)


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      When I was trouble-shotting the "wiki binary file option broken" ticket (MDL-10641) I found another issue which can be improved. When you try to insert an image in your wiki page and upload a file using the HTML editor, if you try to upload a larger image file over 10240 bytes, the file manager will prompt you that "Sorry, but that file is too big (limit is 10240 bytes, about 10k). However, this message is so small that it is not noticeable by the user and a lot of users would get confused.


      1. Maybe consider display the error/warning message outside of the File Browser window, or at least make it red color.

      2. The file size limit should be flexible and there should be an option for this in wiki.

      Just curious, what's the plan for ewiki now? Is it official that for moodle 2.0 we will be switching to nwiki? Thanks!

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