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allow activity modules to add sub menus of settings pages to admin menu


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      We want to allow quiz reports to add settings pages to the tree of admin settings pages.

      • We think the pages should be sub pages of module / activity / quiz page.
      • Unfortunately the current settings.php module hook does not allow us to do more than add fields to one page for a module.
      • Don't want to interfere with how api currently works. So we introduce a new hook : settingstree.php and check for that before settings.php

      Thoroughly tested :

      • Links on module activity page to module settings still work.
      • If module is disabled then the sub menu and general settigngs are all made invisible.

      I attach :

      • a patch to plugins.php to enable the new hook.
      • and an example settingstree.php that scans quiz/report/ sub directories for settings.php files to add sub pages to menu for.
      • and a screen shot of the menu with a sub menu for quiz report settings pages. The quiz module settings page is 'General Settings' under the main Quiz folder.

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