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Define Global Groups for a Site. Rather than having to replicate the same group name with the same students for every course, it should be done on a global level once.


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      I would like to see the ability to Create Groups/Groupings on a global Level.

      We have almost 120,000 employees (Yup, One hundred and twenty thousand) so you can now still the scale of the issue.

      Everytime I create a new course, I have to create a new group (Actually a few hundred) and populate with students. I get one wrong or miss a student, the fun starts.

      Now wouldn't it be sensible to create the groups once on a Global level, and when I create a course, I can add the groups as needed which already contain the employees for that group.

      It would also then follow on that Gradings and Reports can be pulled for a group doing a particular course, or evaluate a group that are doing multiple courses. This way it would also be possible to compare different groups progress against each other for a course or several courses.

      I would like to see the ability for a Teacher of several courses to be able to choose one or many groups to compare results/grades either in table format or possibly Graphs.

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