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Allow gift to import Cloze-type items



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      The GIFT import format can import numerous question types, but one that it cannot currently import is the Embedded questions - Cloze type (multianswer qtype).

      For my uses of Moodle for English language teaching, I find this omission very inconvenient and time-consuming because in any one quiz, I have from 2 to 8 very short, 2-item cloze questions from which a certain number are randomly displayed for each quiz that is administered. This would normally require up to 8 separate import operations for one quiz – and I have 300!

      It is technically possible for the GIFT format to import these as long as they are properly delimited in the import file. Since a blank line in a Cloze item is permissible, blank lines cannot be used to delimit a new question, as is true with other GIFT import question types. I propose that a set of two curly brackets {{ xxx }} surround each cloze item. When the starting set of brackets is encountered, GIFT will then read lines until it encounters the clozing set.}}. The multianswer qtype can then be called to process the item.

      There are other solutions, of course.


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