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Mentees Parent side link to multiple students


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      It would be really convenient to have a faster more intuitive way to select Mentees (like children) to be linked to parents. Rather than going from many (kids) to one (or more parents) it would be more intuitive to go from one to many. ie, be able to select the parent and then choose all the students from a list that will be mentees connected to them. I realize that the current method makes sense if they have one or two children and multiple parents, counselors, etc to connect to them. I have in my system both parents, counselors, and non-grading teachers who have up to 30 students each. I don't want them to enter the course, just see their grades. I also checked out the SQL mass parent creation by Anthony Borrow but it does not say how to apply the SQL script or where to put it to make it work. That would be the easiest way but I have yet to figure it out. Thanks for reading this - if you like this idea too please vote for it!

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