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Language: Scalestip needs to be updated


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      In /lang/en_utf8/moodle.php the scalestip string provides inaccurate directions which should be clarified or removed to avoid confusion for users.

      $string['scalestip'] = 'To create custom scales, use the \'Scales...\' link in your course administration menu.';

      As of 1.9, there is no Scales link in the course administration menu. Instead, users select grades and then choose the option for Edit Scales from the Choose an Action dropdown. This is properly described in docs and the tip just needs to be updated to reflect http://docs.moodle.org/en/Scales#Creating_a_new_scale

      Perhaps something like:

      $string['scalestip'] = 'To create custom scales, click on the Grades link in the course Administration block and then select Scales from the Edit section of the grader report Choose an action dropdown list.';

      As a point of usability and consistency for tips, should we put quotations around quoted options such as Grades, Scales, Choose an action, etc. In other words, visually it might help make it clearer if we began distinguishing actual quoted strings. So, perhaps it should be:

      $string['scalestip'] = 'To create custom scales, click on the \'Grades\' link in the course \'Administration\' block and then select \'Scales\' from the \'Edit\' section of the grader report \'Choose an action\' dropdown list.';

      I also noticed a reference to administration menu which is not 100% accurate. It is really the Administration block (not a menu). I think being consistent and accurate with the language will help improve usability and reduce questions. I'm going to add the GSOC student on this as I suspect this might be an easy thing to do to improve usability.

      Peace - Anthony

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