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      OU Moodle with new quiz reports.

      1 Start by viewing the Grades page. Note that we assign mark all tests as percentages, so we assign a maximum grade of 100 to the test. Consequently all marks shown are scaled.

      2 On the Edit page alter grade of a single question.

      3 Return to the Grades page and almost all values have changed - because the overall total has changed.
      But one number hasn't changed; the overall average in the Grade/100 column (we turn all grades into percentages).
      Nor has the graph changed.

      This raises the issue of consistency. At this point we have altered the possible score for a question but not regraded anyone, however
      everyone's scores have changed because we have altered the overall possible total (which is then rescaled out of 100). And now
      the overall average and graph no longer reflect the data on screen which isn't good. So this is like a
      half-way stage to doing a regrade and it raises the question as to whether we should try and indicate this in any way.

      If possible we suggest that once a question has had it's grade changed on returning to the Grades page
      a) all numbers, including the overall average out of 100, reflect the new maximum grade
      b) as does the graph
      c) a message appears saying that a regrade is required because a question grade has been changed.


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