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Multiple quizzes unable to generate randomly selected "Essay" type questions when previewed by teacher or taken by students.



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      I have discovered through trial and error that while quizzes can randomly select other types of questions, when I move 5 or fewer (for example) random questions from a category containing 5 or more (for example) "Essay" type questions, the quiz tells me that there are not enough questions in the category for the quiz from which to generate the selected number of random questions. This occurs even when I ask for 1 random question from a category containing 5 "Essay type questions, or I ask for 12 from a list 20. I have noticed that "Matching" and "Multiple Choice" do not have this issue. The current work around is obvious: no randomization, which is less than ideal.

      Here is one affected quiz (the first vocabulary quiz of the year), as we progress through the year, the quizzes become cumulative and the randomization even more helpful (not only for cheating prevention) but also to truly test, in random fashion, the students retention of previously learned material.

      I am sorry that I do not know which Release Version my school uses. I am not the Moodle Administrator, just a teacher. I could find this out if need be: Palmer_Seeley@caryacademy.org.

      Thanks for your help!


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