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No checkbox for extra credit in grade items nested in category with SUM aggregation



    • Bug
    • Status: Closed
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    • Resolution: Fixed
    • 1.9.2
    • 1.9.5
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    • Moodle 1.9.2+ (Build: 20080905)


      1) In a grade category with aggregation method set to "Sum of grades", there is supposed to be a checkbox for setting extra credit for all grade items contained in the category. At least this is what the help file (aggregationcoefextrasum.html) says. There is a text field instead, and there is no clue for what value should be entered here.

      2) Another inconvenience is that the extra credit setting is automatically set to 1 when switching from "Weighted mean of grades" to "Sum of grades" for a category, i.e. for all grade items with an item weight set. This is quite confusing IMO, I would expect 0 is the default value for extra credit.

      Steps to reproduce #2:
      Category C1; two grade items: A1, A2; two grades: A1 = 8/10, A2 = 2/10 for user ABC.

      1. C1 aggregation set to Sum of grades.
      2. Extra credit for A1 and A2 manually set to 0.
      3. Grader report: ABC 10/20.

      4. C1 aggregation set to Weighted mean.
      5. Item weight set: A1 - 5, A2 - 10. (It has to be set to a non-zero value if the item is to be used in aggregation.)
      6. Grader report: ABC 8/20.

      7. C1 aggregation set to Sum of grades.
      [8. Extra credit for A1 and A2 automatically set to 1!]
      9. Grader report: ABC 0/20.
      10. Extra credit for A1 and A2 manually set to 0.
      11. Grader report: ABC 10/20.


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