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Improved method for deleting multiple groups


    • Type: Improvement
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    • Priority: Minor
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.9.2
    • Fix Version/s: 1.9.4
    • Component/s: Groups
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      We have an issue where admin staff frequently want to delete a whole grouping worth of groups at once. This is tedious at the moment because you can only delete groups one at a time.

      I can see two possible ways to improve this:

      OPTION 1: Allow multiple selection in the Groups list

      The 'confirm delete' page would then show a list of all groups being deleted before the 'are you sure' buttons.

      OPTION 2: When deleting a grouping, change the 'confirm delete y/n' screen so that it includes at the top a couple radio buttons. Default would be to just delete the grouping as present, but you can also choose to delete all groups in it.

      =What to delete=

      [ x ] Just delete the grouping
      [ ] Also delete all groups in the grouping:
      Mary Jane's group
      Anne Other's group

      =Confirm delete=

      Are you sure? This cannot be undone.

      [Delete grouping] [Cancel]

      OPTION 3: Both of the above

      Option 1 also provides benefit for people who don't use groupings and just might want to delete several groups at once, but has disadvantage that you have to manually select the groups. (Also need to mess about with JS to make sure you can't click the 'edit group' button when multiple are selected, but that shouldn't be hard.)

      Option 2 is most convenient for people who use groupings.

      Opinions welcomed please - if somebody is good with either or both of these options I will look into implementing it - for 2.0 and also for 1.9.x if you like, up to you (I'll be doing that for ours). I think one/both of these would be a good minor UI improvement.

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