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csv will not import into database activity



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    • 1.9.2
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    • Moodle 1.9.2+ (Build: 20081001), Debian, My SQL 5.0.45, PHP 5.2.2


      I've added a database activity and when trying to import entries from a csv file, depending on which of the numerous formats and settings I've tried, I get one of two error messages: either " get_records_csv failed to read data from the uploaded file. Please check file for field name typos and formatting errors" or " could not update record ID xx "

      When I get the could not update record ID xx message, a new record is added, but it is blank, and the database doe indicate it has x number of entries.

      I've used excel and notepad to create the csv file. I've exported the table as csv from the server where it resides to my local computer, then directly imported into Moodle. I've used every combination of delimiter, etc. I can think of and entered (and not entered) those in the Moodle import dialog window. I've imported through IE and Mozilla (Windows XP), and I've tried to import lots of records and just two records. I've included the field names on the top line and I've excluded them (not that I expected that to work, but you never know). I have held my breath and held my tongue that certain way that sometimes works, to no avail. I've looked at various patches related to database import/export, but it seems I'm current on those (though they would be easy to miss, as I'm cross-eyed now). I can manually make entries with no problems what so ever

      Any help would be most appreciated. I need this database, but if have have to manually enter the 600-800 records one by one, I may just change careers.

      Attaching most recent sample csv file

      Thanks so much!


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