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Admin: Evaluate file structure for administrative functions for consistency



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      In response to CONTRIB-605 for adding tools to bulk_delete courses and possibly to uploadcourses (MDL-13114) and uploadroles (MDL-15187) I began looking at where those files ought to be in the tree. For the sake of simplicity and consistency, I think files relating to the administration of users should be in the /admin/user folder, those for roles in the /admin/roles, and those for courses in /admin/course. The one thing that strikes me as inconsistent is the location of the user files. I think initially the admin folder was pretty simple but as the administration side has grown we have not cleaned things up as we ought. I think 2.0 would be a good opportunity to do so. I would advocate for moving the files: uploadpicture_form.php, uploadpicture.php, uploaduser_form.php, uploaduser.php, and user.php to /admin/user. I include the picture files as user files because the profile pics are associated with users. I eventually would also like to see a /admin/course folder created so things like an uploadcourse.php, deletecourse.php, etc. If we are consistent with where the user files are then in CONTRIB-605 it makes it clearer where the course files should go. Thanks for considering moving the user files and giving a good critical look at how things are currently organized. Peace - Anthony

      p.s. - I'm marking this as major because I think after 2.0 it would be difficult to go back and do but feel free to re-prioritize as needed.


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