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Improve usability of the question editing page


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      There are several problems with question editing page, which makes it very unsuable under some circumstaces and just annoying in the other.

      1) Many questions use htmleditor on comments to individual answers - this may result in slow page downloads and even browser malfunction when the number of answer is great (actually more than 7 choices is already a problem).
      2) Button "Add 3 more blanks" is very unsuable when the total number of blanks is more than 10. As different teachers want to create different questions (our current base already has questions where number of answers varies from 3 to 27), there is no way to make them all happy with any start and additional number.

      Quiz is by far one of the more used modules in our University and such inconveniences led some to believe, that we need another system than Moodle.

      As a leader of pilot project team I developed a proposal to improve usability of this page. If they were approved and you will apply a patch to the Moodle codebase, I will create this patch.

      The plan from the user point of view is:
      1) If htmleditors in comments on individual choices is important to someone (thought it is strange since in choices, which is used far more often, you must type html code by hand), or just if there is a severe need to retain the current behavour, make setting "Use htmleditor on comments to individual answers"; otherwise just replace them with text field.
      2) Make a text field similar to "Page size" on the quiz/report.php to allow the user to specify the quantity of choices with one page reload.

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