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Lesson, ability to import series of images or convert a text document into Branch Tables



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    • Affects Version/s: 2.0
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      I would like as a standard feature, the ability to import a series pages into a series of Branch Tables in Lesson. This should be for both a text file (similar to GIFT) and a series of images (similar to ImportPPT). This should be an option on the initial screen after creating a lesson AND as part of the add pages links/pulldown when editing a lesson (similar to import questions).

      In my view this should be first be done using an Open Office file or something like a GIFT file that has a Moodle format which does not depend upon an outside group..

      Importing text into a series of Branch Tables, should be something like a GIFT file. I note is possible to create a PPT from a Word document using the Header function for slide breaks. Perhaps an OO Write file can be zipped and imported without the teacher writing special code like a GIFT file. But I would even settle for a GIFT like code, or how about importing a GIFT file into a series of branch tables instead of question pages.

      The initial link to insert might a generic one "insert imported pages", that would give the user a choice of question or branch pages and the import file type. Alternatively, add an Import Branch Tables, then like Import Questions split it to Import PPT, Import text and Import Images.

      Importing images into a series of Branch Tables, should be something like Import PPT. Ideally it would be based on OO Impress, which exports slides as Jpg images. (Problem with OO is its files are file1, file2 not file001, file002) I believe some versions of PPT will export as Jpgs.

      Alternatively, seems to me that creating one or two more special feature characters in a GIFT file that is imported into Branch Tables might be an easy approach. Need one for a file location for the image. This would allow Moodle to find \Lessons\Lesson3\Chris1.jpg in the courses file structure. GIFT already has title, Content and comment formats. We could ignore answers, scores and response. Could use the ~ to indicate descriptions, a # (or whatever) to indicate a relative jump (no absolute jumps allowed). This would allow someone in MS or OO to design some clever macros to create the basic text file.

      It would be nice if this were included in Moodle 1.9.6 but Moodle 2.0 is probably more realistic. PLEASE VOTE FOR THIS ITEM and ADD YOUR COMMENT.




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