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Option to set Not Enrolable course to not be visible to users that are not enroled in them on the front page.



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      I tried using My Moodle, but there is too much stuff missing from the front page that I would like the students to see.
      So the problem becomes, when you are not using My Moodle, it will display ALL courses that are set to "Availability: This course is available to students." even if the student is not enroled in the course and even if the course set to "Course Enrolable: No".

      I understand that if a course IS enrolable and that it IS available to students, then it should be visible to those students that are not enroled in it, so that they can enrol if they choose. But if the course is NOT enrolable, then there should be another option to hide this course from those that are not enroled, but still make it visible to those that are enroled.

      My suggestion is to change the options beside Course Enrollable to read:
      [] No (but visible to all students) [] No (visible only to enroled students) [] Yes [] Date Range

      This would then allow the option (on the Front Page) as to whether or not the course would be visible to all students (currently how it is), or whether it would only show up if they are actually enroled in the course (like in My Moodle).

      And just a reminder again, although My Moodle displays courses this way, it lacks too many features of the Front Page, so this request is for how these courses get displayed on the Front Page.



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