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Improvement to 'expired' student management abilities (based on enrolment duration)



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      Currently, when a student's enrolment duration expires, their results (as far as I can tell) are retained within the gradebook and the relevant activities, which is good, but there is no way for a teacher (or for a student for that matter) of being able to view these results other than re-enrolling the student in the course. In practice this means that if you have a course with groups that are running through, say once a month, then as soon as the enrolment duration expires for that group of students then the teacher has no way of viewing how that group went. Yes, as a teacher you could run individual courses and then just make the course unavailable after a certain date, but that seems to cut out some of the potential capability of groups.

      The neatest workaround I can think of atm is to set up an 'archived student' role and manually switch students from being 'students' to 'archived students' when I want to un-enrol them but keep their results visible, and then use groups in some creative way (i.e. maybe an 'archived students' group running the course in separate groups mode) to segregate the gradebook. This works, but it pretty clunky and there is no automatic way to say 'when a students enrolment ends, send them to this archived student role'. It also allows the student to still view the course and its resources at the very least as the moodle/course:view capability to be switched on. I thought that maybe I could have the students in the 'archived' role on an unlimited basis AND enrolled on a temp basis as a live student, but the cut-back capabilities of the archive role take precedence over the student capabilities (or so it looks), so that doesn't work.

      It may be that the simplest code change would be to allow teachers to view any student who has at any stage been enrolled in a course in pages such as the participants list, gradebook and assignment marking pages by having a 'show hidden students' check box on these screens or something, but I'm open to suggestions. Maybe even allowing such a thing as a 'hidden group' would also work, where any groups of students could be lumped into a group which leaves them as a 'stealth enrolment'... For now I'm stuck between running lots more courses than I want to, running a result extract at the last minute before students are un-enrolled (and then potentially having to re-enrol them if I need to check details), or using groups as a way of at least segregating the living from the archived.

      Apologies if this duplicates other suggestions, but its been bugging me for ages now and I figured better out than in

      PS I've listed this as 'major' because it is something that I've been asked quite a few times but never found a satisfactory answer for - I realise its all subjective though...


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