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Calendar Restore Error (ntext incompatible with the equal to operator)


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    • 1.9.4
    • Backup, Calendar
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    • Windows Server 2003
      MS SQL server
      IIS 6.0
      Moodle 1.9.4
    • Microsoft SQL
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      When we restore a course that has calendar events we get the following...

      The data types ntext and varchar are incompatible in the equal to operator.
      SELECT * FROM mdl_event WHERE courseid=32 AND name='Cert IV Civil Construction Design - Block1' AND description='' AND timestart=1242858600

      line 686 of lib\dmllib.php: call to debugging()
      line 481 of lib\dmllib.php: call to get_recordset_sql()
      line 531 of lib\dmllib.php: call to get_record_sql()
      line 3671 of backup\restorelib.php: call to get_record_select()
      line 8008 of backup\restorelib.php: call to restore_create_events()
      line 51 of backup\restore_execute.html: call to restore_execute()
      line 175 of backup\restore.php: call to include_once()

      The problem is line 3671 of backup\restorelib.php, the call to get_record_select(), the description field is ntext, and MSSQL doesn't like the equal to operator.

      If I change that line to use the LIKE operator it works ....

      "courseid={$eve->courseid} AND name='{$eve->name}' AND description like '{$eve->description}' AND timestart=$eve->timestart");

      But I know this is not the correct way to have this fixed...

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