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SCORM detailed report


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      Current implementation of SCORM reports has some issues considering data displaying. This includes the absence of page division, which might lead to inconveniently long pages in case of many attempts, and little amount of completion data on SCO report page. I've tried to elimitate those problems: report now has two options, one for toggling detailed representation, the other sets number of attemts per page. Detailed representation of report shows not only the user, report number, score and timestamps, but also status and/or score with status image for each task of the SCO (they link to corresponding task attempt report page). Such extented representation helps to evaluate every user's progress in the SCO and the whole SCO status as well.
      The attached patch adds all this functionality and also adds "Update SCORM" buttons to report pages that miss it (probably they were just "forgotten"). The patch includes two strings to scorm lang file. It's applied with -p0.

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