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translation of post's content from any language to any language (dynamically)


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    • Affects Version/s: 1.9
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    • Component/s: Forum
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      integrate google's translation service into forum's posts to dynamically translating
      the current post from any source language to any destination language. (on the fly)

      was inspired by KDE's brainstorm forum.

      i added a forum's admin setting (system-wide) to enable or disable this feature.
      if it becomes popular we can move it into the forum's setting ? (maybe)

      here is the patch, mostly, one file : "forum/lib.php" ( in three different places )
      (and the settings.php file too + local language forum.php file)

      inside function forum_print_post()
      just after :
      static $strmarkread, $strmarkunread;

      please add:

      if ($CFG->forum_googletranslator)

      { // Google Translator API / Script echo <<<GTRANSLATOR <script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.google.com/jsapi"></script> GTRANSLATOR; } next, just after the lines: echo '</a> ('.get_string('numwords', '', $numwords).')...</div>'; }

      else {
      // Print whole message

      add :

      if ($CFG->forum_googletranslator)

      { // Empty translation anchor (will be filled with translated text) echo '<div id="translation'.$post->id.'"></div>'; }

      echo '<div id="post'.$post->id.'" class="posting">';
      echo '</div>';
      echo $attachedimages;

      next, after the lines :

      echo '<div class="commands">';
      echo implode(' | ', $commands);
      echo '</div>';


      // Translation
      if ($CFG->forum_googletranslator) {
      echo <<<TRANSLATOR
      <script type="text/javascript">

      var source$post->id = 'en';
      var dest$post->id = 'he';

      function set_source_lang(source) {
      return source$post->id = source;

      // Initialize version 1.0 of Google AJAX API
      google.load("language", "1");

      function translate$post->id(lang) {
      var source = document.getElementById("post$post->id").innerHTML;
      var len = content.length;

      // Google Language API accepts 500 characters per request
      var words = 500;

      // This is for English pages, you can change the
      // sourcelang variable for other languages

      //var sourcelang = source$post->id;
      document.getElementById("translation$post->id").innerHTML = "";

      for(i=0; i<=(len/words); i++) {
      google.language.translate (source.substr(i*words, words),
      source$post->id, lang, function (result) {
      if (!result.error)

      { document.getElementById("translation$post->id").innerHTML = document.getElementById("translation$post->id").innerHTML + result.translation; }

      }); }

      // Hide the text written in the original language
      document.getElementById("post$post->id").style.display = 'none';
      return false;

      // Switch to the original language

      function original$post->id()

      { document.getElementById("translation$post->id").style.display='none'; document.getElementById("post$post->id").style.display = 'block'; return false; }

      <select onchange="source$post->id = this.options[this.selectedIndex].value;">
      <option value="en">???? ??? ????</option>
      <option value="en">English</option>
      <option value="he">?????</option>
      <option value="pt">português</option>
      <option value="fr">français</option>
      <option value="ar">???????</option>
      <option value="it">italiano</option>
      <option value="ru">p??????</option>
      <option value="es">español</option>
      <select id="translateto$post->id" onchange="translate$post->id(this.options[this.selectedIndex].value);">
      <option value="he">???? ??? ?????</option>
      <option value="he">?????</option>
      <option value="en">English</option>
      <option value="pt">português</option>
      <option value="fr">français</option>
      <option value="ar">???????</option>
      <option value="it">italiano</option>
      <option value="ru">p??????</option>
      <option value="es">español</option>
      <a href="#p$post->id" onclick="original$post->id();">[????? ????? ??????]</a>
      <!-a href="#p$post>id" onclick="translate$post->id(document.getElementById('translateto$post->id').options[document.getElementById('translateto$post->id').selectedIndex].value);">?????</a-->

      // Sample list of languages (more available from Google Translate)
      // <option value="en">English</option>
      // <option value="he">?????</option>
      // <option value="de">deutsch</option>
      // <option value="pt">português</option>
      // <option value="fr">français</option>
      // <option value="ja">???</option>
      // <option value="ar">???????</option>
      // <option value="it">italiano</option>
      // <option value="ru">p??????</option>
      // <option value="po">polski</option>
      // <option value="zh-CN">??</option>
      // <option value="es">español</option>
      // <option value="ko">???</option>
      // <option value="nl">nederlands</option>
      // <option value="hi">?????? </option>
      // <option value="el">????????</option>
      // <option value="ro">român?</option>

      one more file, add a new setting to the "forum/setting.php" file, at the end:

      $settings->add(new admin_setting_configcheckbox('forum_googletranslator', get_string('googletranslator', 'forum'),
      get_string('configgoogletranslator', 'forum'), 0));

      and some local language strings (for the admin) inside forum.php
      $string['googletranslator'] = 'enable translation';
      $string['configgoogletranslator'] = 'enables system wide posts translation in forums';


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