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Backup and Restore missing the core purpose



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      IMHO Backup and Restore does not justify its purpose in presently the way they are working,

      Am the administrator , and teachers in my site has access to create or delete a course and its contents, I am scheduling backup so as to something drastic happens (teacher deletes a course by mistake) in order to restore.

      Here comes the play,

      Actual Behaviour :

      1. If i store the backups in default folder when the teacher deletes the course , the backups would have gone along with it , as moodle deletes the entire course id'd folder from moodledata if am right

      2. To counter the above scenario i stored the backups in /moodledata/1/backupdata/ so that it will be accessible by admin when he goes into Site Admin > Frontpage -> Site Files> Backupdata.

      The problem with the above process is i cannot restore courses from their backups from site files itself (i mean the outer course ie. id =1) because the restore option says.
      Restore to
      1. New course.
      2. New course by deleting the present course .
      3. Add components to the existing course.

      (Have not typed the exact words above which moodle option offers please bare with me)

      option 1 works absolutely fine , whereas if you select option 2 it will delete all the configurations and files stored in the main course (courseid=1), and obviously option 3 wont work.

      The admin could have stored the backups in different place in the disk, but it will not be accessible using moodle api,
      i wanted to establish that connectivity so that without the intervention of network admin the admin of the site can do a backups and restore.

      Expected Behaviour :

      There should be a place where the backups are stored and accessed using moodle api with ease so that the admin can restore if above situations are met.

      To make it easier it would be nice to have 2 more options in the restore process obtained when the restore link is clicked besides the backup which are stored in site files ,

      1. Delete an existing course and add new.
      2. Add contents to existing course.

      on selecting any of above the user should be provided with the list of courses which he needs to work with, if the course has been already deleted and hes going to create a new one then he can go for "Add new" option which is presently working fine.

      Derived Solution :

      This is the work around i performed to solve this problem temporarily, i store the backups in site files, so if a teacher deletes a course by mistake, he/she mails the admin requesting for the dated backup, and the admin mails the backup (though i hate this part- backups being distributed to teachers to handle) and then the teacher uses the backup to create a new course by uploading the backup in some existing course.


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