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Allow students to review answer choices/reports in Lessons


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      We have developed a patch which allow students to see their own Reports for the Lesson tool.
      Thus, they do not need to retake the lesson form the beginning, but can see their previous attempts (similar to Quiz).

      How it works:
      Instructor should go to Lesson Settings and set "Allow Students to see their own reports" to "Yes"
      Student can later go to the "organizer page", where all lessons in the course are listed, and review their own reports there. Please see screenshots.

      The "organizer" page can be accessed by a student by going to the:

      • Activities block > Lessons on the course homepage
      • Going to a Lesson, and then clicking Lessons link in the breadcrumbs
        We realize that not all Moodle installations use such link in the breadcrumbs, or that not all instructors want Activities block, but we did not want the patch to be too invasive into the core code.

      The vanilla moodle version that we had for this patch:
      $version = 2007101550;
      $release = '1.9.5+ (Build: 20090604)';

      We hope you like it and that it can make it to the core with some modifications if needed

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