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merge current (old) local translation strings file with a new updated (english) strings file, when updating a module


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    • Affects Version/s: 1.9
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      this little piece of code is made to help in the process of merging a current (old) translation
      strings file of some module (activity, resource,question,course_format,...) with a new version
      of a strings file that comes with a new version of that specific module (extension)

      the file is called merge-new-diff.php . i placed it inside moodle/lang. and made a sub-folder called "merge"
      under moodle/lang ( ex. moodle/lang/merge) to place the current (old) strings file and the new (updated) version of English strings file.


      1. place the current (old) local language strings file and the new (updated) version of English strings file inside "merge" folder.

      2. point your browser to the merge php file ( http://you-web-site.edu/lang/merge-new-diff.php )

      3. choose those two files from the list of files that are in the "merge" folder.

      4. if it is the first time you run this script, and you just want to check the merge... press "suggest merge" button

      5. see the merge output. and if you are pleased with the merge press the "backup and merge" button for the actual process to happen.

      6. you will be asked (again) to choose (those previous files) and press the button (again) "backup and merge"

      7. the old file is now backedup and a new merged file has replaced the local language version... with all the new strings from the updated English version !

      8. manually, move the merged file to the right folder. where your local translation files reside.

      it would be nice to integrate it (some how) with Moodle's core code.
      as part of the upgrade process of new modules.

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