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      I observed this workflow on multiple occasions:

      1. User reads a quiz question.
      2. User selects answer and submits it.
      3. Page loads at the start of the question, and JAWS starts reading it again.

      Users had a variety of reactions, based on their mental model of how the quiz worked:

      • Some thought they were finished with question #1 and were being read question #2.
      • Some thought a software error had occurred and their answer had not been accepted.

      No user, on their first attempt, understood what actually happens: that their answer had been accepted and scored, that they were being told their answer status and resulting score, and that they were presented with the question again in order to read that result.

      Why it matters

      A sighted user sees the color-coded result right away, and after this doesn't need to read the question. A blind user must read the entire question to understand what has changed, because the answer and score are at the bottom of the question.

      Possible solution

      This is another difficult problem. I know that Olli Savolainen has been working on this since at least 2008, but his work isn't completed yet.

      This is a fundamental part of Moodle, and more design iteration and testing is necessary to ensure that changes do no harm. Were it me, I'd be tempted to start testing a quiz interface which presents only one question at a time.




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