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fix race condition between pull plugins and user "finished export" page



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      16:22 < penny> i have this weird race condition
      16:22 < penny> in the portfolio api
      16:23 < penny> for "pull" plugins, which are plugins that send a notification to some external system, which
      then wakes up and requests the file
      16:23 < penny> eg mahara
      16:23 < penny> the problem is, that when the file is pulled down, the portfolio transfer stuff is deleted
      16:23 < penny> because it's finished
      16:23 < penny> but if that pull request happens before the "your portfolio export request has been sent"
      message is displayed to the user
      16:24 < penny> like, if mahara's xmlrpc handler is quicker than the moodle browser redirect
      16:24 < penny> the user gets an error, because already the portfolio transfer is deleted before their page
      is loaded
      16:24 * penny wonders if she has explained this clearly
      16:25 < mudrd8mz> give me sec to think about
      16:25 < mudrd8mz> BTW some sort of UML sequence diagram would help ...
      16:27 < penny> yeah i just drew it on a piece of paper
      16:27 < mudrd8mz> penny: why do you delete the transfer record instead of a flag "finished"
      16:28 < mudrd8mz> (i drew as well
      16:28 < penny> yeah that's what i'm going to have to do
      16:28 < penny> i mean, i log it anyway, just ikn a separate table
      16:28 < penny> but i guess i'll have to detect this case
      16:28 < mudrd8mz> You can keep them for some time
      16:29 < mudrd8mz> if not forever?
      16:29 < penny> the logs yes
      16:29 < penny> the tempdata no
      16:29 < penny> it's too big
      16:29 < mudrd8mz> ah
      16:29 < penny> i can add the tempdata id onto the log table
      16:29 < penny> so that the code that throws an exception when it can't find the tempdata can check there and
      16:29 < mudrd8mz> or:
      16:29 < penny> "ah ha" this has finished!
      16:29 < mudrd8mz> yes
      16:29 * penny was debugging this for ages
      16:30 < mudrd8mz> 1) check actual exports 2) check logs
      16:30 < penny> yeah exactly
      16:30 < mudrd8mz> does every export have it unique id?
      16:30 < penny> yes
      16:31 < penny> a pk in portfolio_tempdata




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