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      Hi, just trying to gather more information somewhere for our discussion later, this is not a real bug report.

      Potential problems:
      1/ accessibility

      • did the navbar code went through some accessibility review? (screenreaders, keyboard only navigation, etc)
      • is it possible to disable it for some ppl with special needs?

      2/ usability

      • navbar blocks may now contain information/tools that are not available from anywhere else, how does it work on pages that do not support blocks? (worst example resource with frames)
      • does it have to be only on sides? some theme designers want it on top (no idea how would that fit the rest of stuff in the page header area)
      • are ppl going to understand the concept of navbar intuitively?

      3/ implementation

      • can themes say they do not want/support navbar?
      • it would be nice to make the navbar an extra block region, that would require major changes in blocks UI I am afraid
      • in CSS layout when all the blocks from one side are moved to navbar how do we collapse the empty column?
      • why only some blocks may be in navbar

      4/ general blocks issues

      • we do not have new UI for latest changes Tim did in blocks internals
      • blocks API is a bit aged
      • frontpage and mymoodle dashboard should be migrated to 3 column blocks only layout


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