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Scorm report improvement



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      I've added some changes to the scorm report, the modified files are attached.

      The modifications includes :
      Complete recoding of the report.php based on mod/quiz/report/overview/report.php, this enable the following features :

      • group select box
      • sortable table
      • collapsable table
      • download in Excel, ODS and text format
      • report preferences : number of elements per page, show scorm details or not, show all students, only attempted or not attempted results
      • tabs navigation to switch between the sco info page and report page. In the scorm/view.php i get rid of the top link "show xxx users"

      Two new files :

      • tabs.php for the tabs
      • reportsettings_form.php for the preference form (based on MDL-18836)

      Solution for this MDL-21421 and an improvement of MDL-16184 :
      The problem is in scorm_get_sco_runtime (locallib.php), because it takes all scoes track ordered by timemodified, and then select the scoes track again but ordered by scoid to take the first one (which is not necessarily the first accessed).
      For me, the changes i've made give more relevant results (the first access is really the first access and the last really the last).
      By using x.start.time, the previous patch takes in facts the last opening of the first sco and not really the first access.

      Sorry but my patch also includes this one : MDL-18835, because it's not included in Moodle 1.9.7

      And sorry for my bad english,


        1. delete_attempt_v2.patch
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        2. delete_attempt_v3.patch
          3 kB
        3. delete_attempt.patch
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        4. lang_en_utf8.patch
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        5. lang_fr_utf8.patch
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        6. report.php
          34 kB
        7. report.zip
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        8. reportsettings_form.php
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        9. scorm_report.patch
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        10. tabs.php
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