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Usability: turning edition on/off


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    • Affects Version/s: 2.0
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      While this cannot be considered one bug, it's certainly some sort of usability problem. Exemplary steps:

      1) Create one course
      2) Create one, say, glossary, with 2 concepts
      3) Click to the "print" icon.
      4) Now you are in one page that, by default shows the entries ready to be printed (mod/glossary/print.php)

      There are two annoyances here:

      1) The bloody blocks are displayed. We need to manually disable them in that page. We should be able to have some way to specify/avoid blocks by default per page. Surely it exists, I've just not looked for it. Imagine this happening in sites with 1000 glossaries, for example. The teachers have to go to all them manually in order to get them hidden. IMO blocks are being right now "too much intrusive" going to pages where they aren't expected at all by default.

      2) The usability problem: Due to 1) above I want, in that mod/glossary/print.php page, hide the blocks. To do so, I need to be in edition mode and there isn't any way to go to edition mode without leaving the page. I need to go back to the course page (or turn on edition in "course administration" that goes back to course page too. So I end needing 3 clicks (page refreshes) to simply enable edition mode in any non-course page.

      These must be improved IMO, as far as with the new behavior of blocks people is going to need editing a lot of non-course pages in order to hide blocks everywhere and that (switch edition on) is far from usable right now.

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