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Navigation block needs to have 'add a new course' for those with permission to do so


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      Adding a new course is not really a site administration function for people such as teachers and course creators. I was expecting to find it in the navigation block (things I can do when I'm using Moodle to teach) rather than the admin block (settings for the site).

      For users new to Moodle this is not very helpful as the obvious place that says 'courses' doesn't have the link/button and 'site administration' doesn't look like the right place. Also, the list of courses on the front page, when it's enabled doesn't have a 'create course' button either. It takes 3 clicks to get to the add course button: Site administration->courses->add/edit courses->button visible rather than the one that it ought to be.

      I would recommend placing it at the bottom of the courses list in the navigation block for those that have permission on the basis that it will be used less often than the list itself.

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