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Assignment important issues



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      Here there are some critical assignment issues found while playing with it:

      • New installed site
      • Create one online assignment
      • logged as student, perform one online submission (adding one image from the html editor). Save it.
      • PROBLEM A: Visually, as student, the submission is ok and the image too. But, in DB, the image remains as "user_draft". Should be "assignment_submission" or whatever.

      Same assignment, as admin:

      • go to "view xx submitted assignments", admin see the file of PROBLEM A incorrectly (broken).
      • check "allow quick grading" and save preferences.
      • Both the comments and the "scale" elements are shown. Introduce anything on them and click "save all my feedback".
      • PROBLEM B: Nothing is saved in DB. On refresh, the page shows nothing.

      In the same "view xx submitted assignments", as admin, click on "grade" link:

      • one popup is opened.
      • introduce one grade and one comment.
      • PROBLEM C: It's impossible to add images in the comments editor.
      • PROBLEM D: The comments field has not its corresponding "submissioncommentformat" field.
      • Save changes
      • PROBLEM E: The popup remains with "horrible" page with blocks and message "Changes saved. This window should close automatically. If not, please close it now"
      • Close the popup manually. Reload the "view xx submitted assignments" pages. Both the comment and the grade have been saved properly.
      • PROBLEM F: The comment in that page shows plain text so you can see the HTML (if quick grading is enabled).


      • PROBLEM G: Create one 1-file upload assignment. As student upload one file. Seems ok, but the "itemid" in the files table is the submission->userid. It should be the submission->id instead.

      That's all I've found related to the online assignment. Ciao


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