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Database activity 2.0 inconsistencies


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      This is the list of inconsistencies found when working with the database activity under 2.0:

      A - Fields of type textarea default to HTML editor. But it lacks lacks file area support, so it's impossible to add any image or similar. IMO we should support some sort of "data_content" file area (with itemid being data_content->id) for this field type (and others using the html editor).
      B - Default templates look ok in the "edit templates" tab, but both in the "view list" and "view single" tabs, by default they are center-aligned (awful).
      C- Also the "edit templates" tab looks "wrong", with elements unaligned and I'd propose to take rid of blocks completely in that page as far as they cause the central area to be too much reduced.
      D - In the same tab (edit templates), there is one "disable editor" button that seems to do nothing here (safari).
      E- Also, templates doesn't seem to support files at all, so there is no way to introduce images and friends on them (previously was possible by using course files). So perhaps we'll need also one "data_template" (common for all them) file area (no itemid needed).
      F - Sure I'm missing something but I've enabled ratings in the activity, then introduced some entries as student and, logged as admin, I'm not able to see any "rate this" dropdown at all. What am I missing to get ratings working?
      G - Presets. They are stored in the old dataroot/COURSE/moddata/data/XX/presets directory (and also dataroot/data/XX dir) That must be migrated to 2.0 file areas completely


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