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Allow users to change order of courses in course listings areas


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    • Affects Version/s: 2.0
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      Below is a fairly common request by our clients (Remote-Learner), and something that might be nice to see a change in 2.0.

      This concerns the My Moodle course overview block, the list of courses area on everyone's main page, as well as the My Courses block listed in both the My Moodle area as well as everyone's main page.
      Courses in all 3 areas appear to be in order based on course ID number (in 2.0...in 1.9 the My Courses block is in alphabetical order). This doesn't seem to be efficient because, newer courses will have higher ID numbers, thus putting them at the bottom of the list causing users to have to scroll to find their new courses.

      It is understood that these changes can be made at the site administration level, however, it would be nice if these changes could be made on a user to user basis no matter your role on the site. There are a few potential hopeful solutions to this issue:

      Level 1 (potentially fastest, easiest) - Have courses ordered, in both places (My courses block / Course overview block), based on most recent activity.

      Level 2 - Give all users the option to re-order their courses in all areas by giving them move arrows.

      Pie in the sky solution: Allow all users to reorder their courses in all areas and create collapsible categories/sub-categories for their courses.

      Example of what is happening: One of my colleagues spoke with a teacher who has many courses on her lists. She still needs to be able to access all courses b/c she will potentially be teaching them again in the future, the courses are currently hidden b/c they are not being used, however the hidden courses are at the top of her list, or scattered in between other courses. This makes it difficult to locate the appropriate courses when you have a large number of courses in which you are enrolled. If she could create a category called 'Inactive courses' and another called 'active' courses - she could then locate the necessary course quicker.

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