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Database module allows you to start adding new entries even if the maximum has already been reached



      -> As admin, among the settings of an instance of database module, I set: Maximum entries = 1
      -> As student I go to add a record to the database and all is fine
      -> Now, always as the same student, I try to add one more record even if Maximum entries = 1
      -> First weird event: The "Add entry" TAB is still visible.
      -> I proceed to add one more record, I get the form, I fill it and I go to submit it.
      -> At the submit time I get the following message: "You have entered the maximum number of entries allowed!"

      As far as I can I would prevent this behavior. Students should be stopped before filling the form, not after!!!!
      (Forms here, may be hundred fields long and I am helping students to waste their time!)
      I find this behavior not too correct.
      Do you agree?

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