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Add a warning when exiting out of an editor without saving


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      There have been many times where me and several other people have accidentally exited out of the Journal, Forum post, Glossery, and other places where an editor is used without saving and lost a significant amount of work that took a long time to write. Its strange that Moodle doesn't have a basic "Are you sure you want to exit out of this?" dialog box when exiting out of a page.

      There should be a dialog box that appears when exiting out of any page that has an editor and whose contents have changed. It should say something like the following

      "Are you sure wish to exit out of this page without saving?"

      ... with a Yes and No option (or just Okay and Cancel).

      Implementing this would save lots of headaches of students who use the Journal, Forum, blog, etc who accidentally loose an hours worth of work with an accidental exit.

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