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Installation: Should we assume that the admin keeps the username as admin?


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      Petr - During a fresh install, I change my username from admin to moodleuser. It looks like the new method for creating the admin account assumes that the user does not do this. If we want to prevent the change during user creation I think we should make the username field visible but not editable. Otherwise, I think we should assume that for security reasons, an admin may want to use a different username than the default admin. As it stands, I receive:

      Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/arborrow/NetBeansProjects/20head/moodle/admin/index.php on line 321

      I'm marking this as trivial because I suspect that on a default install where debug information does not show most folks will never see it and since the admin account has been created with a different password it is not significant that the check fails here. Nonetheless, it would be nice if we just avoid the error by checking if $adminuser->password is set or not.

      Peace - Anthony

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