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Lesson rename Branch Table to Content



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      We need to change the lesson page type currently called "branch table" to either "content" or "description. I vote for "content". I realize this will probably not happen in 2.0 but it is long overdue.

      The term branch table is not intuitive to a teacher. For a developer, the branch table is arguably the unique feature of a visible lesson page that contains the student choices. This area contains the descriptions of the links, the action to be taken with the link and other '"stuff". The code comments seem to indicate that by language a branch table is a question page type. IMO "branch table" goes back to the concept that "Content shall only appear in a question", which we could argue about as a best practice forever. More importantly, a "branch table" page does not visibly look like a wood table, a periodic table or even a table of columns and rows. Neither does a question page that uses this feature. These pages certainly do not look like tables to a student..

      If something looks more like a duck, then why call it a "rose", or even an "obscure rose"?

      Quiz calls a similar kind of page "description". However, every site I work with uses a branch table to present content. Teachers will intuitively understand the difference between a content page and a multiple choice page in the context of a lesson and their experience.

      This change might make the end of branch navigation page confusing, we can explain that a branch starts with the closest preceding content page in the edit order. I think developers would not mind simplifying the code to contain either "clusters", or "branches". Either of these features should have a specific navigation page that indicate their start and their end.

      This has been bothering me for a long time. The use of "branch table" in both our documentation and user interface is confusing because of this terminology.




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