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Quiz not showing blocks during an attempt if the quiz has been setup to show blocks.



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      I've tried a few things.

      I've added in a HTML block at the top of the course and set it to display on any page.

      Then I've got into the quiz as a teacher and added a block at in setting it as visable only when in this quiz, but accross all mod-* pages

      I then started an attempt as the teacher and added in a block to that page, setting it as visible only within the Quiz, but across all pages.

      I then set "'Show blocks during quiz attempts" to yes (Note: When the page came back it was set to no.. see * further down)

      I logged in as a student and couldn't see the blocks during the attempt.

      • After going round in circles for a few minutes I realised that the show blocks option was never being set. It would always say "No" when I came back to the quiz settings page.

      I've noticed that in the DB config_plugins table where it holds the quiz settings it has a bunch of settings. I have noticed that all the "Advanced" settings have two fields in that table. i.e. showblocks = 0 AND showblocks_adv = 0

      II set them both to 1, but it didn't make any difference to this test case.


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