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To be or not to be: course/import plugins


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      Was reviewing some old bugs, when I found this, by Anthony: MDLSITE-949

      Apart for the contrib issue itself, that caused me to review a bit more what is the situation of those plugins under 2.0. Here it's the summary:

      • They continue being supported, as far as get_plugin_types() continues returning them as available.
      • Under 1.9 there were 2 plugins:
        • groups import: That has been moved, if I'm not wrong, to the "manage groups" page.
        • import of activities: That used to call restore under 1.9 and now hasn't sense at all (have to be deleted).
      • There is no frontend to show those plugins at al within 2.0

      So the question is... to be or not to be. Do we need to keep them working, two alternatives:

      1) To be (yes), then we need:

      • delete the "import of activities" one. It's a different beast under 2.0.
      • re-link from somewhere to the course/import.php script (make the frontend visible).

      2) Not to be (no), then we need

      • delete the "import of activities" one. It's a different beast under 2.0.
      • delete them from get_plugin_types()
      • delete the whole course/import dir and the course/import.php script

      I feel myself inclined to keep them working, just in case people has been using them in previous versions. In the other side, I don't know if anybody has used them really. Anyway my +1 goes to keep them

      For deciding ASAP. Please comment. Ciao

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