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New functionality to update manually added links breaks links to other courses


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      The new functionality to replace the course ID (COURSEVIEWBYID*45) by the new course ID during a backup/restore, breaks manually added links to other courses.

      For example I have a course with id=40.
      On that course I have various resource links, some of them to the same course but others to a different course.
      so http://.../course/view.php?id=45

      After a backup/restore the new course will have ID=50
      The problem now is that all resource links are altered by the new functionality and the links are now all pointing to http://..../course/view.php?id=50

      I can understand that the links should be altered to ID=50 when the OLD ID is pointing to ID=40 but it should not alter the links to other courses.

      Pls let me know your view on this, perhaps I'm missing something here...

      If you agree this is a bug, I'm happy to share my workaround

      Kind regards,

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