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moodle_url: optimise performance


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    • Affects Version/s: 2.0.1
    • Fix Version/s: 2.0.2
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      While making other changes (MDL-25981) I noticed that my new code was very slightly slower, and that one reason for this was that I improved a few parts of code by using moodle_url that had previously been hacked together with strings.

      Using Eloy's profiler (ie these are not random changes!) I have optimised moodle_url as follows:

      1) In params(), it makes 3 checks for dubious types in use for array keys, in order to throw an exception if the wrong type is used. I have added a first check for is_string which skips the other 3 checks (so in most cases it does 1 check instead of 3 checks).

      This improves constructor performance by approx 40% in my test case, saving about 1.5ms on a course page view.

      2) In get_query_string() I have made it only call merge_override_params if there actually are any. Since there usually aren't, this saves function calls and the work done in that function.

      This improves ->out() performance by approx 20%, saving about 0.8ms on a course page view.

      While a saving of 2.3ms (approx 1%) is not that big a deal, it pretty much makes up for the similar slowdown that my other improvements cause, and every little helps right? Especially as, if anything, we will probably increase use of moodle_url in future.

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