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Search for user processes ... think like an administrator


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      Moodle uses search for user processes at several location. All of them are not thought to the end or not realized consequent. Based on discussions with lots of admins and own experiences in small, middle and huge system (more than 50.000 users) here are sebveral optimizations.

      Bulk user actions
      Bulk user action should include all user profile search
      The search option for Profile only includes custom user fields but not optional user fields. Specially Institution and department are often required for search processes.
      ToDo: Add all existing fields to search process

      Search in enrol user processes
      It would make processes much simpler for teachers if enrole users has an advanced search process that include all user profile fields for search
      Todo: Add an advanved search function to enrole user pages.

      Add a multiples entries field into profile.
      If users are added to groups or cohorts they can be added to more than one group. To handle this effictive a multiple entries field like the interest fields makes sense.

      Add user to cohorts based on user profile information
      Cohorts are a great administrational help if they are used consequent. The main deficit actually is that users have to be added manually to cohorts.
      Whats missing? Upload and create cohorts like upload of groups in courses via csv file.
      Add users to cohorts via information in a defined multiple entry field in user profile.

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