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Backup/restore links within a course do not restore properly.



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      Each time we try to backup/restore to create a new course, a number of the links to audio files do not update within the new course. That is to say, the URLs do not update and the course number in the URL stays the same for the new link, thereby creating a link that our students cannot use since they do not have access to the other, older course.

      1. We backed up our course PTP Fall 2010 (Fall10); the course ID for this course is 26
      2. We restored it to a new course, Practice Course 3 (PC3); the course ID for this course is 56
      3. A number of the links to files from within our resources do not update the course ID; e.g. this audio file's link for Fall10: http://lms.integrativenutrition.com/file.php/26/Fundamentals_01.m4a, should have been updated with the course ID within the new course as: http://lms.integrativenutrition.com/file.php/56/Fundamentals_01.m4a, but does not
      4. The files themselves DO transfer over; by simply updating the URL (replacing 26 with 56) we are able to get the link to work for the new class

      This does not happen with all files, but a good number of them, and we then have to go back and manually update all of the broken links for each file, each time we restore to a new course.




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