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Create a SCORM Test Harness to automatically run the SCORM ADL tests on the latest Moodle code



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    • 1.9.11, 2.0.2
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      Running the SCORM ADL tests is currently a time consuming task and requires a specific environment to be set up, this project involves setting up a way to automatically run the tests on the latest Moodle code on an MS Windows machine running IE 8 or higher. Ideally this should be able to run on 1.9Stable and 2.0Stable code bases.

      Project Deliverables:

      • Script that automates the 1.2 tests and produces an html file with the results of the tests (pass/fail)
      • Script that automates some of the ADL SCORM 2004 tests on Moodle (it may not be possible to script all of the 2004 ADL tests due to existing failures)
      • Documentation for how to install the scripts on a windows machine and have them run on an automated cycle.
      • Based on the results of the SCORM 2004 test harness the student is expected to address some of the 2004 failures by creating bugs in the Moodle Tracker and submitting a patch to resolve the issues reported.
        More detailed requirements will be provided to the successful student.

      Requirements for applicants wishing to be considered for the project:

      Bonus points for applicants:

      • The test log/screen-shots of running the SCORM 2004 tests (not many will be successful as Moodle is NOT 2004 compliant)

      More information:


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              danmarsden Dan Marsden
              Dan Marsden, Matteo Scaramuccia, Ilya Tregubov, Kevin Percy, Mathew May, Mihail Geshoski, Shamim Rezaie
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