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Medium priority accessibility problems in Moodle 2


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      These have not been marked as high priority, but they still require attention, so I'm listing them here for completeness.

      1. In FF various non-link items receive keyboard focus but they shouldn't because they are not links: label module instances (these each have two tab stops). Recommendation: ensure non-link items do not receive keyboard focus.

      2. On Calendar block there is invisible tab stop between 'skip calendar' link and the month link. There is also invisible tab stop between month link and current date link. Recommendation: ensure focus is visible, or remove focusable items.

      3. The Navigation block comes after the main content in the tab order. Recommendation: tab order should follow visual/logical order.

      4. 'Your progress' tickboxes: when operate these with the keyboard, the focus returns to the top of the page. The same issue applies for screenreader users. Recommendation: if possible enable focus to remain on the button. (Another one for you Sam?)

      5. Link icon is labelled "URL" which may not be meaningful for screenreader users. Recommendation: change this to "link" or "web page" or similar.

      6. A URL resource item is read as "bullet link graphic URL link getting started URL" which seems unnecessarily long. This is due to 'URL' being repeated and there being two separate links. The same repetition occurs on the other items. Recommendations: remove the repetition of URL (and similar labels) and if possible remove one of the links. Perhaps the two links can be combined into one? (Note - I'm not sure what Chetz means by two links here, as the html clearly only has one).

      7. The 'hide' block buttons are announced as graphics, but not as links so a screenreader user would not know they could interact with it is a button. Recommendation: enable this to be announced as a link or a button so users know they can interact with it.

      8 Resource icons: in OU-Moodle 1.9 there was clever programming to indicate icon types without repeating the name of the item, e.g. if the link to a forum was 'activity forum' the forum icon label would not be included, but if the link was 'café' then the 'forum' icon label would be included. Recommendation: this function should be instated in standard Moodle.

      9 File icon: this has the alt 'file' but this does not indicate the type of the file and this could be significant information for screenreader users. Recommendation: change this to indicate the type of file, e.g. PDF, Word etc.

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