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Ability to hide pages from the settings navigation to reduce complexity



      While at Moodle moot AU 2011 I noted that several times people referred to the number of settings and how people still fear the settings in Moodle due to their numbers and complexity.
      I was thinking on this while I was on the plane home, and came up with a simple solution that would allow the admin or someone with moodle/site:config to hide pages from the settings block by simply selecting to through an admin page (that itself can be hidden).
      This process of hiding from display allows people to really cut down the settings by hiding pages that only set once, are set very rarely, or are of no interest/use to the site.
      At the same time because the pages are only hidden from display if the user searches for them they are still able to find those pages + the settings on them, and are able to get to the pages via the search.
      Along with this change there is also a new user preference that can be set on a user to user basis to show things that have been hidden by this new settings access control.

      The initial patch is complete, interface still needs a little work perhaps and certainly some nice JS, and by all means the strings I have written are crap - they will need improving if its decided this is a good idea.
      Definitely also needs testing on upgrade + install.


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