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Backup Execution Log - "No logs have been found"



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      I think this is related to this issue: http://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-22274

      I'm testing on a fresh 2.0.3 site. A course exists and is backed up successfully via automated backup. The backup execution log (Site administration > Reports > Backups) reports the backup was successful (status "OK") and the next backup is scheduled for the correct time. The backup was successful since I can see and download the backup file on the Restore page. Clicking the course name on the backup report to see the detailed log produces the message "No logs have been found."

      No logs are found because the backup_log table is empty. What I gather from MDL-22274 is that this table is no longer used. Going through the code, I cannot find any place where it is attempting to write to backup_log while creating the backup. That's fine but the detailed log (admin/reports/backup/index.php) should not be looking for logs in a table that isn't being used. Either it should look in the new, proper place or if no new, proper place exists then the user shouldn't have an option to click for a detailed log. Clicking and seeing "No logs have been found" makes users question whether the backups are actually running.


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