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Implement link from the gradebook back to the grading analysis



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      (10:07:37) Martin: One noticeable hole at the moment is the ability to "drill down" from the grader report to show the advanced grades in detail.
      (10:08:04) Martin: I can see the UI like this:
      (10:08:49) Martin: 1) A new grader report preference  to enable/disable the display of "advanced grading details".
      (10:10:10) Martin: 2) A new icon (eg magnifying glass) that shows to the left of all grade numbers with advanced grading, in the grader report.   This should probably be there in editing and non-editing modes (if the preference is enabled, of course).
      (10:11:26) Martin: 3) Clicking this could either take you to the correct page in the source eg the assignment submission grading page (probably hard) or could just show you the form in the gradebook (could it be editable, actually?)
      (10:11:33) Martin: Something like that.
      (10:50:22) mudrd8mz@jabber.cz/glum: well, it works well for the Assignment. But what about a module like Workshop that calculates the grade in gradebook from several assessments (rubrics)?
      (10:58:25) Martin: OK, so should modules provide a "detailedgrades.php" page or callback function?
      (10:59:05) mudrd8mz@jabber.cz/glum: I guess that is the way. we want to see the form in the context (like the submission) anyway
      (10:59:43) mudrd8mz@jabber.cz/glum: callback function returning URL to see analysis of the given grade item
      (11:00:06) Martin: yep
      (11:00:14) mudrd8mz@jabber.cz/glum: as is mentioned in the spec, it is actually useful even without Advanced grading
      (11:01:02) mudrd8mz@jabber.cz/glum: I mean, such link-back to see details
      (11:01:26) Martin: Note that this may be different for teacher vs student
      (11:02:05) mudrd8mz@jabber.cz/glum: the script at the linked should deal with access rights & friends, no?
      (11:02:06) Martin: Currently (with assignment) on the student (user) grade report the links go to the assignment view.php, which actually works OK, as it does show the rubric
      (11:02:28) mudrd8mz@jabber.cz/glum: aha
      (11:02:37) mudrd8mz@jabber.cz/glum: right
      (11:02:58) Martin: but it's totally wrong for the teacher and the direct link from the grader report
      (11:03:14) mudrd8mz@jabber.cz/glum: yes
      (11:03:27) mudrd8mz@jabber.cz/glum: I guess view.php is hardcoded in the gradebook right?
      (11:03:34) Martin: Yep, I think
      (11:03:44) Martin: Perhaps we don't need to worry about the students
      (11:03:54) Martin: detailedgrades.php could be for graders only
      (11:04:19) Martin: Does Workshop show students their full grades on view.php ?
      (11:04:37) mudrd8mz@jabber.cz/glum: it does not sounds as significant extra work to make it work for both
      (11:05:24) Martin: it's just doubling up on the view.php and submissions.php
      (11:05:29) Martin: (in assignment)
      (11:05:40) mudrd8mz@jabber.cz/glum: yes, Workshop is supposed to show the final grades on view.php (it does not at the moment but it is reported bug)
      (11:06:03) Martin: For assignment I would link teachers straight to the normal submissions.php form, not a new one
      (11:06:12) mudrd8mz@jabber.cz/glum: yup
      (11:06:36) Martin: and in future that will be a page in grades anyway
      (11:07:11) mudrd8mz@jabber.cz/glum: future == when we store all grades in the gradebook only?
      (11:07:28) Martin: yes, and all the grading interfaces come from gradeslib
      (11:08:20) mudrd8mz@jabber.cz/glum: btw I never bought this idea
      (11:08:30) Martin:
      (11:09:16) Martin: I'm not 100% either, we can see later
      (11:09:41) Martin: I guess a callback like xxxx_grader_details() is clear enough?
      (11:09:50) mudrd8mz@jabber.cz/glum: yes
      (11:10:07) Martin: and it would return some URL that the grader report can use
      (11:10:50) Martin: and if it doesn't exist, then don't show any link at all, I guess
      (11:11:12) mudrd8mz@jabber.cz/glum: yeah, or fallback to view.php
      (11:11:20) mudrd8mz@jabber.cz/glum: hmm, no
      (11:11:23) Martin: I suppose it's only going to check the callback when advanced grading is already detected?
      (11:11:30) mudrd8mz@jabber.cz/glum: the column heading links there IIRC
      (11:11:44) Martin: yeah the column heading already links there
      (11:12:04) mudrd8mz@jabber.cz/glum: I don't think so. It should check the callback always
      (11:12:16) Martin: won't that slow things down a lot?
      (11:12:24) Martin: We really only want these extra icons polluting the cells which actually have more info
      (11:12:42) mudrd8mz@jabber.cz/glum: imagine quiz can link to the attempt overview
      (11:12:58) Martin: ah right yes
      (11:13:10) mudrd8mz@jabber.cz/glum: I believe modules' lib.php is loaded anyway
      (11:13:18) Martin: yep
      (11:13:31) mudrd8mz@jabber.cz/glum: so the performance should not be influenced much
      (11:13:35) Martin: hope so
      (11:13:35) mudrd8mz@jabber.cz/glum: </guessing>
      (11:13:43) Martin: it will be nice improvement I think
      (11:13:57) mudrd8mz@jabber.cz/glum: yes, pretty nice side effect
      (11:14:22) Martin: bueno!


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