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loginpasswordautocomplete problems with some browsers


      MDL-30336 introduced one new setting (loginpasswordautocomplete), to control when the password autofill feature from the browser should be allowed in the login form.

      And testing failed with:

      Rajesh Taneja added a comment - 09/Dec/11 3:24 AM

      Sorry Guys,
      It fails on IE (ie8) and opera (11.51).

      On ie8:
      Password is populated no matter what configuration is set on moodle site

      On Opera:
      It requires hitting key icon to update password. Not sure if we can get around this.

      So this is one followup of the original issue, that is blocking the upstream process right now, please address it ASAP (if something can be done).

      Also, perhaps, it would be a good momment to verify how passwords are behaving in other areas of Moodle (course passwords, group passwords....). Feel free to create separate issue for that, but I bet there is some work to do in those areas too.


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